Jan Euy Jan Jao (Eng sub)

Starring: Sririta Jensen, Kong Saharat, Yai Sira, etc. It's a mystery/supernatural lakorn about Jan-jao, her ability to see ghosts, and the mystery surrounding her birth.
*Note: Because each disc is 2 hours long, I had to split it into 2 parts, so that's why each disc will have a part A and B, so don't confuse 1A - 1/6 with 1B - 1/6.

Devil beside you

After finally getting the courage to confess her feelings, Qi Yue (Rainie Yang) was handing her love letter to Yuan Yi (Kingone), but by a stroke of bad luck, he did not see and walked passed her. The person standing in front of her was the troublemaker of the school, infamously known for his devilish ways – Jiang Meng (Mike He). The devil will get what he wants, and the object of his desire was Qi Yue. Although having a cruel exterior, Ah Meng’s heart is kind and caring, which truly touched Qi Yue. The big problem remained – Ah Meng is the son of the man Qi Yue’s mother is going to marry. Even though they were not related by blood, who will accept this step brother-sister relationship? What is to become of their relationship when other lovers come into the picture?

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It start with a kiss

The sequel of It Started With A Kiss begins with Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu's wedding and honeymoon. From the start, they experience problems and interferences within their marriage such as mistaken pregnancy, misunderstandings, and a run-in with a girl from Zhi Shu's past. Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu will go on a honeymoon to Guam and there they will see Ah Jin. Ah Jin goes there because he was so heartbroken from Xiang Qin's marriage that he wanted to get away but only to end up seeing the two of them together. Ah Jin will also meet another girl and fall in love with her. Xiang Qin's best friend, Lin Chun Mei, gets pregnant with Ah Bu's child. Xiang Qin takes Chun Mei to Lungshan Temple where she prays for her and her child.

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Smile pasta

The story begins with 20 year old, Xiao Shi (Cyndi Wang) day dreaming on her balcony, wishing upon a shooting star for a successful love. In her dazed state, she accidentally knocks her mug over the edge, which then lands and bounces off the front of the famous singer He Qun's (Nicolas Teo) sportscar, when he happened to be driving past. This marks the beginning of their intertwined destinies.

The next morning, Xiao Shi's flamboyant but nonethless supportive family, conducts a good luck ceremony for Xiao Shi, as it is her and her current boyfriend, Peter's 3 month anniversary. Despite being cursed with relationships not exceeding 3 months by her first 'boyfriend' Ah Zhe (Gino), Xiao Shi has a great feeling about today, recalling Peter telling her that he will introduce her to the most important woman in his life. Thinking that he means his mother, Xiao Shi is so confident that everything will go well, even making a bet with her brother that she can bring Peter home that night

Enjoying her date, everything appears to be progressing smoothly for Xiao Shi. Peter suddenly brings her right into the centre of a cross section and Xiao Shi assumes that he is going to confess his undying love for her. However, his real intention is to break up with her, claiming that she's 'not his style' and pointing to the scantily clad girl across the street (his new girlfriend) who is his style. Xiao Shi is devastated and a dark cloud looms over her head (literally).

Hanging her head in defeat, Xiao Shi wanders through the streets and doesn't take notice of where she's going until she bumps into a stranger. This stranger happens to be the 22 year old in disguise, He Qun, who's just run away from his own press conference and in the process of fleeing the paparazzi. The clumsy encounter leaves the both of them in a compromising position in the middle of the streets, allowing the paparazzi to obtain a few shots of the both of them "kissing".

He Qun, accustomed to this kind of thing,being a celebrity, recognises trouble when he sees it, so he runs for his life dragging Xiao Shi with him as to protect him from the idea of two-timing his ex-girlfriend, Rita, who had broken up with him for his brother just hours before. Through a series of mishaps, tossed in with a bit of fate, He Qun ends up providing refuge for Xiao Shi in his own bedroom, for the night.

Unbeknownst to them, the newspapers have been working overtime, and by morning, the image of them kissing in the streets cover the front page of every tabloid. The dreary and clueless pair step out onto the balcony, where the waiting reporters are virtually fed evidence of their affair. To protect He Qun's career, his agent Vincent has no choice but to introduce Xiao Shi as He Qun's fianceƩ.

As the series continues, it is shown that Ah Zhe's girlfriend Xiao Rou, through an unfortunate accident, was unintentionally killed by He Qun. Ah Zhe, unable to forgive or trust He Qun, leaves his family and severes ties with his brother.

From this point on, Xiao Shi's world is turned upside down. Yet she begins to realise that there may be a cure for her curse after all. Meanwhile, the poor little rich boy, He Qun, gradually discovers that the love and warmth he's never known, can be brought about by the simplest things (or people).

Xiao Shi, initially in love with He Qun's younger brother, Ah Zhe, who so happened to save her life, finds herself with mixed feelings for He Qun. Meanwhile, He Qun finds himself falling for Xiao Shi. However, he denies his feelings for her and leads Xiao Shi to believe that he is still in love with Rita.

In the end, after a turn of events and when the two publicly declare their love for one another, He Qun and Xiao Shi finally get together.

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18 vs 29

The main chracter is Yu Hyechan who is 29 years old.Hyechan is married to Kang Bongman who is her old classmate in high school whom she despised and hated because of his cocky attitude.But later she fell for him after being rejected by Shi Woo her crush.

This drama takes the audience back to the 1990s. The main character of the drama, Yu Hyechan, 29, reverts mentally to an 18-year-old girl after having a car accident. As she recovers her memory and the relationship with her husband, Kang Sang-yeong, she goes through many hilarious and heart-moving moments. -- KBS Global Marketing

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Tanah kubur

Mengisahkan perjalanan seseorang manusia kealam barzakh.


Liang lahad

Gol & Gincu

Emil Emilda

Dunia Baru 3

Dunia baru 3
merupakan kesinambungan daripada dunia baru 2 dan dunia baru 1 , mengisahkan kisah kehidupan pelajar kolej didalam mengharungi masalah harian.

Lakonan :
Wan Elyas
Pierre Andre
Anne Ngasri

Ali dan Abib

Lakonan zul yahya,mengisahkan 2 adik beradik kembar yang terpisah sejak dari kecil bertemu semula. Mereka mempunyai perbezaan perangai dan sikap yang amat ketara.Apakah kesudahan..saksikan..

coffee prince

The life of Go Eun Chan (Yoon Eun Hye) is not easy; she works many jobs to pay off debts and even gave up her feminine image. Choi Han Kyul (Gong Yoo) is the heir of a big food company, but his grandmother wants him to settle down, so she arranged many dates for him. After Eun Chan bumped into Han Kyul and was mistaken for a boy, Han Kyul decided to hire Eun Chan to be his gay lover in order to avoid the arranged dates. Desperately in need of money, Eun Chan had no choice but to accept. Han Kyul's grandmother also made Han Kyul in charge of a filthy coffee shop in danger of being bankrupt. Eun Chan begged to work at the coffee shop, and not long after, feelings start to spark, except, how would Han Kyul accept his "homosexuality"?

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Myboss myhero

Sakaki "Tornado" Makio (Nagase Tomoya) is a tough 27-year-old high school drop-out. By academic standards, he's pretty dumb. His father decides to force Makio to return to high school to receive his diploma and he asks an old friend who happens to be the principal (Iwaki Koichi) of a nearby school to admit Makio. If Makio doesn't graduate, the position of boss will be given to his younger brother Mikio (Kikawada Masaya).
Furthermore, he must pose as a 17-year-old during school hours and in the presence of any classmates or teachers outside of school. If his cover is blown, it would be the end of his high school career as well as his hopes to become boss. Things start out rough and tough as Makio's violent temper is tested. As the lessons and days go by he learns there is much more to school than just tests and studying.

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